Integration Caveats

Test mode

Test Mode is a special mode of interacting with the system that is useful during the initial setup phase, where a merchant may want to test their setup without processing live card data.

While performing a transaction using the Payment Gateway, you may receive the message - (Testmode) This transaction cannot be accepted.

Please follow the below steps to switch off Test Mode:

  1. Login to the Merchant Interface.

  2. In the main menu, click Settings and Profile.

  3. Click the Test Mode link in the General section.

  4. Now,

    • Click Turn Test ON to place your account in Test Mode, and

    • click Turn Test OFF to turn Test Mode OFF in order to process live transactions.


Transactions that are submitted for capture or void via the Unsettled Transactions menu while your account is in Test Mode are also not actually processed. Please be sure to verify that Test Mode is OFF when you wish to submit real transactions.