Adding/Editing your HTML pages in the Supersite 2 and PartnerSite?

In addition to the modifying the default HTML pages, you can add/edit your own HTML pages.

To add/edit HTML pages(Anchor: ownhtml)

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite Admin Area. See details

  2. Under the My Languages section for SuperSite 2 or My Language PartnerSites section for PartnerSite, click the Manage Site button besides the Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite, where you want to add/edit your HTML pages.

  3. Click the Edit Content button. Then click on the Browse link besides the MyUploadedPages folder.

    • Adding HTML pages

      1. On the top right-hand corner of this page, click the Add your own HTML page button.

      2. Here, enter a name for the file/page that you are adding, and add the HTML content of your page in the text-field provided.

      3. Once you have entered the content, click on Save Changes button. The page will be uploaded to your site, can now be viewed from:

        • https://<your supersite 2 url>/content.php?action=mypages&page=<page name>


        • https://<your partnersite url>/content.php?action=mypages&page=<page name>, as appropriate.

      4. After uploading your own HTML page, you would need to link it from some existing HTML page on your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite using the Advanced HTML editing mode.

    • Editing HTML Pages

      1. Click on the Edit link next to the HTML page you wish to modify.

      2. Make changes to the original content of your file as desired.

      3. Click on Save Changes.

  • An HTML page added by you will be specific to the Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite under which it has been added.

  • If you have enabled multiple Languages for your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite and wish to display your HTML page in each Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite, you need to add the page (with language specific content) under each Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite.

  • You may customize the URL for an HTML page added by you in SuperSite 2, for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose.

  • If a specific HTML page added by you (in a particular Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite) is no longer required, the same can be deleted by clicking the Delete button next to that HTML page in individual Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite. Even if you have added your own page in multiple Languages with the same file name, deleting the page under a particular Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite will not affect the page in the other Languages.